Making an Elixir

How to make an Elixir

A note on making an elixir:  You can make an elixir from your crystals. An elixir can be made by putting the crystal into water for a certain period of time after which the water will take on the metaphysical healing properties of the crystal. Recommend use of filtered/spring water or ideally distilled water as contaminates may reduce the quality of your elixir. Some crystals cannot be put into water as it may damage them (so use the indirect method). Clean your crystal energetically: smudge your crystal with sage or other incense. You can also use a Tibetan sound bowl, run under water or other energetic clearing method suited to that crystal. Next clean the crystal physically under water very thoroughly. Water should not be used on some crystals eg porous crystals.  Fill a clean sterilized glass jar (avoid plastic) with spring or distilled water and place the crystal in the water with clean hands or ideally with a clean spoon/gripper tongs. Ensure that the glass jar does not have food labels, expiration dates or any non-elixir writing printed anywhere on the glass jar and lid as this may affect your elixir (soak your glass jar in water for an hour to easily remove a label). Place in sunlight for a few hours with a cover on the jar. You can use your elixir as drinking water for non-toxic crystals, as a room spray for space clearing as an examples. However do not use any crystals with a toxicity listing if shown above – not all crystals on the information section may have a toxicity listing – if “Toxicity:” in the information section is blank, it has not been entered yet or is unknown. Some crystals may contain toxic elements such as Sodalite (which contains contains aluminium). Do further research on the crystal before making a direct method elixir. Name, date with a label (eg “Citrine Elixir”) and store your elixir in the fridge (but do not freeze) for several days. The elixir will begin to loose the crystal properties after a few days.

For toxic or porous crystals, the indirect method may be used (in this case the elixir would not be consumed but might be used in space clearing). Place the crystal near a covered jar of your prepared water several days but not touching the jar.

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